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 Three American friends and one Korean friend embarked on an adventure together, entering the virtual world using VR technology

They had new experiences in the virtual world and grew together by overcoming various challenges. And they created new brands called TKD and Ficus.

They enjoy adventures with new friends in the virtual world and experience experiences that would not be possible in real life. And they created new culture and art in the virtual world.

Their adventure stories have inspired many and revealed new possibilities in the virtual world. And now, an NFT containing their adventures has been issued.

This NFT tells the story of TKD and Ficus' adventures and provides an opportunity to enjoy new experiences in the virtual world. Additionally, their adventures will provide inspiration to create new culture and art.

1. A graphic novel featuring the adventures of TKDFicus: The story contained in the NFT can be turned into a graphic novel and provided to fans.

2. VR headset for virtual world exploration: We can release a VR headset that allows you to experience the adventures of TKD Ficus more vividly.

3. Action figures depicting the adventures of TKDFicus: Characters appearing in NFTs can be made into action figures for fans to own and play with.

4.Contents software for virtual world exploration: we  can develop contents  based on the adventures of TKDFicus, allowing fans to explore the virtual world themselves.

5. Art print featuring the adventures of TKDFicus: The artwork used in the NFT can be created as an art print for fans to own.

6. Users can also purchase space on TKDFicus and buy educational content to enhance their space.  

7. After completing the training, you can then take the certification exam. 

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